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This morning was/is a great morning here in Atlanta.  We got about an inch of snow last night.  Now normally that is a very exciting thing…however I don’t know too many people who were held in overexcited gleeful anticipation last night.  I surely wasn’t one of them.  If you are not from Atlanta, let me briefly explain.  Three weeks ago or so we got hit with 5+ inches of snow with temperatures that didn’t hit about freezing for 3 days.  When it finally hit above freezing it melted a good bit and then turned to solid ice on the streets.  It took about a week to get the roads about 90% clear.  Our snowplow team consists of 5 trucks.  It got so bad the Georgia DOT started hiring private companies to help clear the roads.  The private companies consisted of road construction companies with makeshift plows…whatever works.  In the end Atlantans went from extremely happy to a heightened sense of cabin fever and contempt for snow.  It was beautiful scenery but horrible to drive around in.

So naturally there was a less than enthused Atlanta for snow.  I was quite happy when I woke up and saw the snow on the yard and NOT the streets and drive way.  It was a very beautiful sight to see in two senses of the word.  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots with my Canon 7D because, outside of this winter, we rarely get snow.  Enjoy the shots.

Danny G –


Backyard covered in snow

Clock lightly covered in Snow

Snow-covered bush in snow

Fluffy Bush in Snow

Snowy Bush at Sunrise

Evergreen in Snow

Spring-like Snow Covered Tree