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When I was a kid, my parents had two big rules about food: firstly, you had to eat all the vegetables that were put on your plate. And second: if there’s something new at the table you haven’t tried before, you have to take at least one bite before you… Read More


New Year, New Reel

By Rica

  No lengthy articles today, friends. We’re just going to do what we love to do most: let a video speak for itself. Where most people have black-and-white resumes, video marketing agencies like us have something a little more… colorful. A demo reel. Each frame is worth a thousand words,… Read More


How to Play Video At Your Trade Show

By Rica

Hopefully by now, you’ve figured out that video and trade shows go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’ve written entire articles gushing about the benefits of a video display at your booth – but we haven’t dived deeper into the best way to set that up – in detail,… Read More

  Control Solutions Inc. came to us at the very end of 2016 looking for a video to display at their 2017 trade show booths as well as online, featuring the hard launch of their insecticide for golf courses: Nimitz Pro G, the first chemical nematicide to be developed and… Read More

We’ve sent out a lot of email campaigns over the past few years – not as many as a major, thousand-employee company, but a lot of emails nonetheless. The messages range in topic and in content, and some perform with flying colors while others just sort of putter along. But… Read More


Five Key Trade Show Follow-Ups

By Rica

Trade shows take up so. Much. Energy. You plan, you stress out, you set up, and then you network the heck out of everyone and hand out business cards like confetti on New Year’s Eve. With good reason, of course; trade shows are prime opportunities to make new and valuable… Read More

  “FinListics” /fin-`lis-tiks/ – financial linguistics; finance as the language of business Unlike some companies with which we’ve worked where video is almost nonexistent in their industry, the competitors of FinListics Solutions had already set a high bar when it came to production quality, and it was up to Optimum… Read More


Video Establishes Your Expertise

By Rica

Isn’t it amazing how you can learn just about anything through video? At some point or another we’ve all looked up a YouTube tutorial for things like how to replace a garbage disposal, or a bad habit; how to build a business, or build a plane. It’s all out there,… Read More

“YouTube, or not YouTube. That is the question.” – William Shakespeare Okay, so Shakespeare said absolutely nothing about YouTube. Or videos at all. Ever. (I’ll escort myself to the corner now.) But sometimes we tend to run into clients with that same question. Obviously YouTube is worth investing in. But… Read More

If your job holds you accountable for promotional emails, then the phrase “Email Campaign,” can evoke some powerful emotions… in you and in your prospects. People who receive your emails might feel curiosity… or they might feel aggravation. And you, the person in charge of the campaigns, could feel pride…… Read More