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We’ve sent out a lot of email campaigns over the past few years – not as many as a major, thousand-employee company, but a lot of emails nonetheless. The messages range in topic and in content, and some perform with flying colors while others just sort of putter along. But… Read More


Five Key Trade Show Follow-Ups

By Rica

Trade shows take up so. Much. Energy. You plan, you stress out, you set up, and then you network the heck out of everyone and hand out business cards like confetti on New Year’s Eve. With good reason, of course; trade shows are prime opportunities to make new and valuable… Read More

  “FinListics” /fin-`lis-tiks/ – financial linguistics; finance as the language of business Unlike some companies with which we’ve worked where video is almost nonexistent in their industry, the competitors of FinListics Solutions had already set a high bar when it came to production quality, and it was up to Optimum… Read More


Video Establishes Your Expertise

By Rica

Isn’t it amazing how you can learn just about anything through video? At some point or another we’ve all looked up a YouTube tutorial for things like how to replace a garbage disposal, or a bad habit; how to build a business, or build a plane. It’s all out there,… Read More

“YouTube, or not YouTube. That is the question.” – William Shakespeare Okay, so Shakespeare said absolutely nothing about YouTube. Or videos at all. Ever. (I’ll escort myself to the corner now.) But sometimes we tend to run into clients with that same question. Obviously YouTube is worth investing in. But… Read More

If your job holds you accountable for promotional emails, then the phrase “Email Campaign,” can evoke some powerful emotions… in you and in your prospects. People who receive your emails might feel curiosity… or they might feel aggravation. And you, the person in charge of the campaigns, could feel pride…… Read More

  “Video analytics? Can’t we just post our video to Youtube and get the view count stuff for free?” We hear this question quite a bit. After all, it’s hard to work in the world of video without having Youtube mentioned. It’s the channel that everybody knows. And it’s not… Read More


Marketing Trends to Watch In 2017

By Rica

As the confetti clears, as the silly hats get packed away for another twelve months, and as the ticker tape is slowly swept off the streets near and far… the marketing world gradually awakens from its past few weeks of hibernation. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon blink the sand… Read More

With digital marketing becoming more and more crucial to every company’s future strategies, we get a lot of the same questions from our clients over and over: “How do I know whether to outsource to an agency or not?” “Can I just hire one person?” “Would it be better to… Read More

March and April may seem far ahead to some people, but if you’ve been in the trade-show business before then you know: the time to prepare is yesterday. You may even have a checklist already prepared, going through all sorts of necessary eye-catchers and instructional materials – from gigantic banners… Read More