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  We touched on trade shows and how they’re still worth it way back in Episode 3 last August. In short, they’re worth it if you’re prepared with a database in place. “The month after your trade show is prime time for converting these lukewarm leads into a sale. Since… Read More

“Show me the money!” – Rod Tidwell Who says B2B video content can’t be funny, entertaining or shocking? People appreciate it when you can explain something both thoroughly and succinctly. Of course, that can sometimes be a tall order…but that was more or less the request that we had from… Read More

  This week we’re joined by Steve Latham, CEO and founder of Banyan Hills Technologies, to discuss how to actually use IoT solutions and then implement their influence in your marketing. But first of all, let’s answer the first easy question about this trend. 1. WHAT IS ‘IoT’? The “Internet… Read More

  Not all video hosting platforms or sharing methods are created equal. 1. MAKE A SOCIAL-MEDIA FRIENDLY VERSION Keep it short. Some sites like Twitter can’t always upload long videos, and viewer attention spans will taper off anyway. Include captions or graphic text. Lots of sites autoplay without sound, like… Read More

What Is Social Selling?

By Rica

  This week we’re joined by Brad Banyas of OMI, a cloud success partner that helps companies implement CRMs, marketing automation, Salesforce, Nimble, and social selling. 1. WHAT IS SOCIAL SELLING? Despite seeming like a common buzzword, social selling isn’t all that different from standard selling – save that the… Read More

Five Tips for Better Campaign Tracking

By Rica

  Whether your business is finance or in manufacturing; we love to measure things, right? So why not measure how your campaigns are doing? The ability to track results is one of the key reasons why digital is increasingly chosen over traditional marketing – heck, we’ve spent whole episodes discussing… Read More

  Ever sent out a press release before? They’re so easy to publish…not. Today we’re joined by Ryan Mason, CEO and Publisher of Heliweb Magazine, to discuss tips and best practices about the materials that you send in to your trade magazine publishers – especially as they’re transitioning more and… Read More

  I’ve been putting in a lot of hours to get my private pilot’s license. As opposed to driving down a road and following the names of the different streets, flying an aircraft depends entirely on landmarks and elevation. You figure out how to get where you’re going by charting… Read More

Video Voicemails and the Sales Process

By Rica

  Want to get a “video voicemail” of your own and find out more about the sales enablement tools mentioned in this episode? Click here to sign in and watch our whole webinar! Since we started off the year discussing the immense growth of video in the marketing industry, we… Read More

When Marketing Automation Goes Overboard

By Rica

  This week we’re joined by Andrea Tarrell, principal owner of Sercante: a marketing and technology consulting firm that’s focused on connecting automation platforms. She also runs a weekly blog on; and she joined us to discuss a common problem with businesses that know they’re behind in the world… Read More