Fall is one of OP’s favorite times of the year. The temperature dips down, leaves turn vibrant oranges and reds and Chili cook offs can be found all over. So we figured that instead of flying to Springfield, Illinois for this year’s Catholic Medical Association conference, we’d drive and soak up all of the sights and sounds. And that is exactly what we did… sort of. Starting off from Atlanta we drove straight to Pittsburgh. What is in Pittsburgh you ask? David Caron, the newest addition to OP. We picked him up and strapped some of his stuff to the top of the car and drove westward to Springfield.

Once we arrived to our final destination, it was all business. The Catholic Medical Association is an organization for catholic medical professionals. During the 3-day conference they have several presenters on various topics. Our job during the meeting was to record the audio of all of the presentations and burn them onto CDs in the fastest turn around time you’ve ever seen. Basically in under hour, after each presentation, we had made 40+ CD copies of the presentation on pre-printed CDs, labeled, packaged and ready for our clients to sell. Over the course of the three-day conference we burned 1,500 CDs. And let me tell you, they were selling those things really fast.

After another job well done, we somehow crammed all of our gear back into the car and drove back to Atlanta.