KEMPER asked us to create an animated product video that tells the story of their energy-saving indoor circulation system, the CleanAir Tower, and how it solves a huge problem faced by industrial warehouses where welding generates smoke with pollutants, endangering the health of all workers on-site.

Within manufacturing environments, welding contaminants typically rise to the ceiling and create an indoor smoke cloud that is contained within the workspace, that can even spread to adjacent offices, halls and other work spaces. Because proper ventilation is crucial, Kemper’s customers need to remove dangerous welding smoke from their warehouses to protect the health of their employees, and to meet OSHA air quality standards.

Kemper’s new CleanAir Tower is a free-standing indoor ventilation system that provides contamination-free dust disposal, while protecting employees from unhealthy smoke and machines from dust particles. Optimum’s challenge was to use animation to “tell the story” of how typical operational warehouse environments accumulate welding smoke and contaminated air, and to demonstrate the solution offered by the filtration process of the CleanAir Tower.

Utilizing the client’s CAD drawings of their product, we created a 3D animated warehouse setting where welders generate an indoor “smoke cloud,” which spreads throughout the building. The animation “camera” POV moves continuously to show various angles of the building, then zooms in closer to the warehouse floor where the CleanAir Tower is installed.

Custom animation demonstrates the polluted smoke being drawn into the top of the unit, through the filters and clean air is gently expelled from the bottom. As the cycle repeats, the CleanAir Tower provides clean air circulation with only minimal maintenance and simple filter disposal. Dynamic animation was the perfect way to promote the product and its benefits, as well as to showcase its (otherwise unobservable) filtering process.

OP is thrilled that this animated product demonstration video helps distinguish the CleanAir Tower from its competition, a unique perspective that effectively captures both the big picture and the intricacies of its inner workings. Kemper proudly features the video on their website and social media, at trade shows and in direct marketing.