In our experience in the video production industry, we have learned that successful marketing hinges less on the specific product or service you are attempting to sell and more on the approach you take when advertising. Consumers are people after all, so you should have a clear understanding on how to communicate with them on a personal level. Just like you, your customers have emotional needs that have to be met before they can justify making a purchase.

Emotion can be used as a powerful tool to attract and convert interested prospects into buyers. The more personal you get and the more positive your message is, the greater chances you have of securing a sale, simple as that. This concept of emotional advertising applies to all corporate-consumer relationships, but is perhaps most easily recognized in video marketing.

Videos are about as up close and personal as companies can get with their audiences without actually interacting with them face-to-face. Furthermore, most people (especially those surfing the web) prefer the convenience of clip streaming and the brief snapshots of information they need to make up their minds. Fitting everything you need into this short window of opportunity is a challenge, but with the right emotional edge, anything is possible!

Do not expect every one of your corporate videos to go viral, but your marketing efforts will fare better simply by toning down the professional seriousness in favor of a more lighthearted and humorous approach. Your primary goal should be to get every viewer to share the clip with someone they know, and to do this, you must appeal to one of four key emotions: inspiration, sadness, joy and surprise.

Catch your audience off guard in the right way and amazing things can happen. Find the balance between being informative and creative, and always ask yourself what emotions your company’s video sparks in you. As a leading video production company, Optimum Productions can help your business craft Atlanta corporate videos that tug the heartstrings of your audience in positive and sales-driven ways.