Capture Your Event

You spend a small fortune to develop and orchestrate all the logistics that ensure a great Event, Exhibition or Tradeshow experience for attendees.  Why not let Optimum Productions help your company take full advantage of the opportunity, and capture the excitement and the experience from the ground up?


Our Capabilities

  • Event Highlight Reel
  • Attendee Experience – Teaser Promo
  • Capture ALL presentations – archive into Event Library
  • Capture Client Testimonials, product demos, sales solutions or SME videos
  • Wrap Up/Thank You – Follow Up/Library Accessibility
  • Teaser/Early Registration for next event

Add Assets To Your Marketing Library

It’s the most cost-efficient opportunity to create quality video assets you can use strategically for a year’s worth of content marketing.  You can even generate excitement and boost attendance for next year’s event!

Give us a call when you are planning your next event, and we can share a variety of options that will extend your investment by harvesting quality content for ongoing use across all of your marketing channels.