Send your customers a personalized holiday video this season!

As 2016 draws to a close, sending each of your customers a personalized Happy Holiday video can have a long-lasting impact on your reputation, perhaps even for years to come if done creatively and delivered effectively! Personalized video is a great way to capture someone’s attention; and with the winter season almost here, maybe it’s time to take your holiday greetings to the next level – and save some paper at the same time!

Initial campaigns reveal over 72% email open rate
Initial campaigns reveal over 44% CTR
Over 96% video engagement on initial personalized video campaigns

A personalized greeting can place someone’s name right into the video that they’re going to receive. (The example above is generic, of course.) And names aren’t the limit: we can include email addresses, past purchases – virtually any information from your database! You can order one of our pre-made packages, or talk to us about creating something customized for your company. Find out more about personalized video, or get started today!