Over the many years that we have been producing video content for clients, we’ve discovered a repeating theme – that producing a specific video can only be used for its original purpose – I call this the “one and done” myth.  The fact of the matter is that this is a HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY!  Why?  Well I’ll tell you.  I’ve got two ways for you to rethink this approach that will maximize the use your videos.

Number 1 – Let’s say that you produce a couple of customer testimonial videos that you want to put on your website – which is awesome.  Customer testimonials are one of the best types of video that you can use.  But sticking them on your website is just the beginning.  You can also post them on your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google + and all the other social media platforms.  You can write a blog or even put out a press release with the videos.  Implement them in a newsletter campaign that you have, send them to current sales leads, use them in a sales presentation – the list keeps growing.  The bottom line is, don’t just stick it them up on YouTube and your website and call it a day.  Use them for other things and you’ll drive higher ROI.

Number 2 – You spent all of this time producing the customer testimonials and you have some really great content.  You now have a golden opportunity to produce more videos using the same raw footage that was captured.  In any given video that we produce, we rarely use all of the footage.  Its not uncommon to have several hours worth of footage that needs to be whittled down to 2 minutes.  What happens to the rest of the footage that doesn’t make the cut?  Severe. Neglect.  Or in our case, we make more videos with it.  In this case, maybe we create a series of videos that features many different clients talking about one single aspect of your business – maybe the experience they had with you.  Another video could be the results that they have had.

Maybe you were lucky enough to capture some footage of your customers interacting with your product in their facilities – you can use that footage in other videos that you plan on shooting down the road like maybe a company overview or even some product videos.  The great thing is, you already paid for the footage – the costs of producing more video content is marginal.

These are just a few ideas.The bottom line is that there are opportunities to really leverage the footage and videos that you have or will be producing that can really maximize the results and dramatically increase the cost-efficiency.  In layman’s terms – get more BANG for your BUCK.  And who couldn’t use a few more bucks in their wallet?

 How to Get More Mileage out of your Video Content by Danny Gonzales, Owner of Optimum Productions

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