It can be tough to compete in a sea of “same”. How do you stand out from the herd? Luckily, we have a few key steps…

#1 – Do It Better

Okay yeah, it’s a little vague. Discover the weaknesses in the industry as a whole, and exploit them by doing it better. Maybe it’s shipping, or the customer service is deplorable. Take that competitive advantage and run with it. Then, move on to the next key step of marketing. A lot of companies do a terrible job of getting their messaging out there. Take your competitive advantage and take that message to your prospects and customers. There are so many different marketing channels out there – find the most effective method (and preferably least used across your competition) and go to town.

#2 – Be the Curve

You know the saying, stay in front of the curve? Well I propose to BE the curve. Be the company that creates a paradigm shift in your industry from a marketing perspective. If you really want to stand out, market NEW ways. DIFFERENT ways. Ways in which your competition stands there and says, “Hmm…we need to be doing that.” The difference will be that your competition is saying they need that, while you’re actually doing it. Words are great; but action is key.

So I know you’re saying “Sure, sounds great… in theory. But I’ve heard it all before. What’s a new and different way to market?”

#3 – Be a Thought Leader

Positioning yourself as a Thought Leader is a great example of that NEW and different way of marketing. Prospects and customers are constantly searching for the answers and solutions you provide. Consistently producing video content that educates and gives the answers to the questions your potential customers are searching for. By building a video content library over time with all of this rich content, you will build a following who will come back to you time and time again because you have positioned your self as an expert in your industry. Our Thought Leadership series is our answer to the differentiation question. Reach out today to get started and get the jump on your competition.

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