Danny Gonzales
Creative Director/Director of Video Cinematography
An Atlanta native, Danny discovered his passion for video production while volunteering as a missionary in Mexico. Later, his extensive career experience in the world of digital video creation with local production companies throughout Atlanta and North Georgia led him to found Optimum Productions, a full-service video production company, in 2007.

Maintaining a detailed vision for creative concepts while also having an insightful business and marketing sense, which he combines with strategic competitive analysis, gives Danny the unique ability to routinely exercise both his left and right brain equally on a daily basis for his Clients. His talents and accomplishments are unmatched in the Atlanta video production market.

The mission of Optimum Productions is a reflection of Danny’s personal mission in life, which is to not only to spur creativity and operate in a professional manner, but also to be actively involved and consistently present positive and meaningful messages for the betterment of our local community, and the world at large.

Danny has over 15 years experience in film & video production as well as marketing.

Jordan Quackenbush
Jordan demonstrates excellence in video cinematography, bringing together his extensive technical production knowledge with the strategic vision for the project created through ongoing collaboration and cooperative relationships with his clients.

He consistently delivers above and beyond the client’s expectations, and has won multiple industry awards in video editing and motion graphic design for a variety of companies in the metro Atlanta market, including The Coca-Cola Company.

Wielding state-of-the-art production tools like After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere, and Cinema4D, Jordan delivers only the best results for the client, bringing all projects to fruition on target and on budget.

Jordan has over 9 years of film and video production experience, having worked with everything from 16mm film to RED 4K footage.

Tanya Zingleman
Director of Account Service
Tanya is an accomplished strategic marketing professional with international experience and senior management accountability. Her background includes comprehensive advertising, promotion and production experience with global corporate clients encompassing multiple brands including The Coca-Cola Company, Discovery Networks, and Holiday Inn Worldwide. In 1996, she was the project manager of the Olympic Games Marketing Resource program for Holiday Inn Worldwide, which was implemented by franchisees around the globe.

Adept at working closely with clients to develop strategic creative briefs, coordinate tactics and guide execution of large-scale projects, Tanya is also skillful at strengthening cooperative relationships with strategic partners, bottlers and franchisees.

Tanya has over 30 years marketing, advertising, and promotions experience including production, client service, and account management.

Josh Deisler
Assistant Video Producer
An Ohio native, Josh transplanted to Atlanta in 2013, bringing with him a fresh perspective and an extensive range of knowledge and experience in the video production field.

Formally trained by industry professionals, he built his skill set from the ground up with a solid technical and creative foundation in both black & white film and video production.

With an intuitive understanding of the equipment he works with on a daily basis, he knows how to best harness its potential to realize your vision to the fullest degree.

Josh has over 6 years of experience in the film and video production fields, and has worked on everything from the smallest one-man projects to fully-crewed, large scale productions.

Rica Wiersema
Office Assistant/Production Coordinator
Rica has a BA in Media & Communications and 5 years of experience and training under industry professionals. She is at last finding her feet in the adult world with Optimum Productions as a production coordinator, content generator, and editing assistant. Highlights of her career have included writing online movie reviews and assisting Steadicam operators on the stage at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

Her passion is storytelling, from screenwriting to video editing; additional random skills include poetry, sewing, singing tenor, and brewing the perfect cup of coffee.