Back in September, we started using a program called After Effects (AE), which is a high-end motion graphics program.  AE is a powerful program that gives us the ability to create 3D graphics and animations, 3D text, a great range of color correction and a huge array of effects.  It has been no doubt a fun toy to play around with.  We have used it for various projects since September.  We used AE pretty heavily in a recent project for our client, X-Cel Contacts.  We have mentioned them before in a couple of our blog posts.

For their project we needed to create a couple workflow graphics and intro pieces to make the overall video a much stronger and more visually appealing.  We naturally turned to AE to help our conceptual designs and ideas come to life.  The opening shot called for an exterior shot of their building with a timelapse of clouds flying overhead as the building steadily zoomed in and text flew all around it.  Not incredibly complicated you say…we’ll your partially correct.  The actual animation was pretty easy but preparing the assets was a little bit more of a chore.  We took a still image of their building front, then added clouds flying over the building and then placed in the text.  The still image that we took had some distracting elements that we deemed necessary to remove.

We wanted to remove the following items:  Handicap parking signs, reflections of cars, building numbers and a few other things.  We also needed to add X-Cel’s logo to the building and cut out the building so that we could add our clouds to it.   This is just one example of the power of AE [ and photoshop 🙂 ]

Below is a timelapse showing how we used AE and photoshop to create the intro piece.