Every company that creates video content for the web should be aware of the pros and cons of “posting” vs. “hosting” their video — in other words, posting their video on a popular video sharing site (such as YouTube) versus using a privately hosted service.  Optimum Productions, which specializes in video production, offers a hosting service because it can be a real necessity when YouTube is found not to be the best option. Curious why? Keep reading!

YouTube, owned by Google, is the most popular video hosting platform out there.  It is a great option for optimizing search engine results.  But it also has disadvantages.  Here are three potential issues to consider.

The first disadvantage to posting your video on YouTube is its tendency to surround your videos with all sorts of ads.  The last thing you want is a competitor’s ad popping up next to your video.

A second problem with YouTube is that it’s blocked by “productivity software,” which many companies use to encourage employees to work rather than surf the web.  Other popular websites, such as Facebook and Vimeo, are also blocked by productivity software.

If your company uses productivity software and your video is posted only on YouTube or Vimeo, your access will be blocked.  Using a private video host will allow you, your employees, and your clients to get behind the content filters so that your video is viewable at your office and everywhere internet is accessible. This is an important point to consider especially if you or your company have just invested in producing a video and now want it to be viewed by as many people as possible.

A third problem with posting on YouTube is that, after your video is played, additional video suggestions pop up which often don’t relate to your product or service.  Or worse, suggestions pop up for your competitors’ videos.

Even if you become a YouTube partner and “Related Videos” is replaced by “More From,” it’s still very tempting for viewers to browse other videos instead of focus on your message.  You know how easy it is to follow a rabbit’s trail of videos if you’ve ever spent time surfing on YouTube!

A private host gives you the ability to control where viewers go after they watch your video.  Your video presentation is much cleaner.  When the video is done, your client isn’t led to unrelated videos or videos that advance your competitors’ messages.

If you determine that YouTube isn’t the best option, you might wonder whether it’s worthwhile to try hosting the video on your own company server, since a private hosting service requires payment.  Just be aware that “DIY” when it comes to hosting a video can get very complicated and problematic.

One complication is that you would want your video to be viewable on all the devices that people use out there, including Macs, PCs, iPads, Nooks, Kindles, and iPhones.  You would have to go through a lot of hassle to create all the different formats needed for your content to be viewable on all those different devices.  A hosted server with specialized technology will automatically make your video viewable in a wide range of formats.

Another problem with hosting a video yourself is that you need a lot of bandwidth to avoid overloading your company server and crashing your website.  Take a common scenario where 500 people in a large corporation want to view the new company video.  That’s 500 people trying to download 100 megabytes at the same time.  The bandwidth on most servers can’t handle that kind of traffic.

Or consider a scenario in which a company tries self-hosting a video on its server and invites 2000 business contacts to view its latest video.  If enough people respond to the invitation and try to play your video at the same time, your server and your website could crash, causing serious repercussions for productivity and lost revenue.

These considerations explain why companies often find the additional fee of private hosting to be worthwhile.  We hope this introduction to “posting” vs. “hosting” clarifies some of your options.  If you would like more information about our hosting service or video production capability, call (404) 445-6720 to speak with us at Optimum Productions, your partner in film production.