There are several ways to present ideas and information in a corporate video. In our experience as a successful Atlanta film production company, matching the purpose of the video as closely as possible with the manner of presentation yields the best results.

In deciding between using a professional voice-over talent or a company spokesperson, you should first consider the purpose and target audience of your company video. Below is a general guide to help you make an informed and expedient choice.

Company Speakers

When you want to convey passion, authority or industry knowledge in your corporate video, it is often better to use someone from the company rosters. For the most part, your script will dictate whether you should go with a regular employee, a middle manager or the CEO of the company.

One of the biggest advantages of using corporate speakers is the level of sincerity and dedication that comes through when they talk about their jobs and the company. This can be very convincing and effective in winning the hearts and minds of your audience.

The downside to using corporate speakers is of course, the fact that very few of them are trained to face a camera with poise and ease. They often sound wooden, look stiff and project a noticeable fish-out-of-water persona.

Professional Voice-over Talent

Sometimes you want a corporate video to convey information about the company in a clear, straightforward yet interesting manner. You might want to tell the history of your company, for example, but there is no longer anyone in your roster with a personal knowledge of certain key events. In this case, a narrator could step in and give the presentation a polished and professional appeal.

Using a voice-over talent can also be advantageous when you want to convey a significant amount of complex information. If you’re making a step-by-step video guide for example, an experienced narrator can present the information in a clear and unambiguous manner. This makes it easier for your viewer to follow along and understand the process you are covering in your video.

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