The Internet is a great way to entertain and inform prospective customers, but only if you use it correctly. Both blogs and vlogs (video logs) can garner public interest in your company, but vlogs are more effective.

Advanced Ad-Libbing

Traditional blogs require you to polish your words before you publish them. Since the written word is the main product, even mildly engaged readers will spot poor planning and errors. This is why professional bloggers plan their posts weeks or even months ahead of time. If they don’t know what they’re writing in advance, they can’t reliably please subscribers.

Planning is not nearly as essential for good vlogging. If you’re good at extemporaneous speaking, you can record a vlog in five minutes that is every bit as engaging as any blog. Subscribers will pay attention not only to your words but also to the cadence of your voice, your clothing and makeup, and any images or clips you include. This allows you to distract them from poor planning or grammatical errors, making a hasty vlog look like a polished product.

Viral Videos

Search engine optimization is crucial to effective blogging. The only way to guarantee long-term increases in subscribers is to carefully craft your words to make each blog post come up quickly on Google or Bing. You’ll often have to sacrifice artistic quality for greater visibility. By comparison, search engines elevate videos based on the number of likes, comments, and views they get. As long as your videos are enjoyable, they will continue to garner new viewers, meaning you can devote your time and energy entirely to artistic pursuits.

Eclectic Entertainment

Although you can certainly blog about music, clothing, or makeup, you can’t incorporate these interests directly into your writing. You can link readers to music files or pictures, but such links are separate from your posts and thus tend to distract readers. Sound and images are integral to vlogs, however, making it easier to incorporate a wide range of interests into a single, cogent post. If you want to talk about makeup, simply wear your favorite lipstick and eye shadow while recording your video. This will put your topic front and center without distracting from the video itself.

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Image Source: Pixabay