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Walman Optical

By danny

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Some noteworthy projects this past November consist of teaming up with Atlanta Media Services (AMS) to film a conference held by Coca Cola in the heart of Atlanta. As always here at Optimum Productions we enjoy working with AMS and Coca Cola. We also packed up the ol’ Xterra and… Read More

Catholic Medical Association

By danny

Fall is one of OP’s favorite times of the year. The temperature dips down, leaves turn vibrant oranges and reds and Chili cook offs can be found all over. So we figured that instead of flying to Springfield, Illinois for this year’s Catholic Medical Association conference, we’d drive and soak… Read More

At OP we know everything there is to know about video… or at least, we wish we did. Working in such a technology-based industry you have to stay on your toes with the technology surrounding you. It is also a vast industry ranging from wedding video, corporate, training, viral, commercial,… Read More

That’s what she said! OP teams up with Atlanta Media Services (AMS) to create a unique and engaging training video for Coca-Cola and Subway. Coca-Cola needed to produce a training video for their Beverage Marketing program to be used by Subway to improve beverage-selling techniques to their current and future… Read More

OP works long and hard hours in utterly undesirable locations from time to time. One particular trip this past July sent OP down to the sandy beaches of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Tough, right? Hey, before you get ahead of me let me tell you that we… Read More

June is a great time to head up north and relive southern spring temperatures. So we did just that and headed to Minneapolis. Once we got there we shoot a sleek promo video for local extraordinaire photographer Erin Johnson. Erin harnesses unparalleled talent behind the camera as well as being… Read More

Photography? I guess we do that too. OP had the opportunity to work again with Atlanta Media Services (AMS) as well as New York based Footsteps Group and Procter and Gamble in a 4-city tour of the My Black is Beautiful event. We traveled around to 3 of 4 cities… Read More