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This October, Optimum Productions worked on a neat event video for the CVC (Corporate Volunteer Council) of Atlanta. The CVC supports and brings together local businesses that are “passionate about volunteerism.”  Each year they hold what they call their IMPACT Awards, which recognizes organizations that have given back to the… Read More

As some of you may know the OP fan base will be expanding this Thanksgiving.  My wife and I are expecting our first baby…a little girl.  So, after a successful project at the Catholic Medical Association in Phoenix, AZ, we took a detour on the way home through Sedona, AZ,… Read More

OP had the pleasure again, for the fifth consecutive year to provide support to a wonderful organization, the Catholic Medical Association.  Now although we typically focus on video production in Atlanta and not a ton of event production, we flew out west to warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona for a… Read More

Optimum Productions, Atlanta’s premier video production company is launching a new service that is being kept under wraps…for now.  All we can say is that it looks like it is going to be bigger than we originally thought!  Ok…we don’t want to completely over-hype it up but it is a… Read More

Have you ever heard of B&H Photo up in New York City?  They are a filmmaker, video producer, photographer, videographer, design enthusiast’s candy shop.  It is a huge land of technology in the realm of video, film, still photography and post-production.  Tons and tons and tons of equipment…or affectionately known… Read More

Have you seen this image on the internet, posters, hang tags and other print materials?  Have you wondered what that funky pixilated bar code image is?  As the popularity builds you will see even more of it.  It is called a QR code (Quick Response).  Basically it is just like… Read More

Several weeks ago I wrote about a new atlanta product video (retailer video, e-commerce video, etc) that we were filming for our client Kemper America.  We finished up a while ago on it and wanted to share it.  If you remember the blog post from before this product video is… Read More

Congratulations if you’ve decided that you NEED a video and/or an Atlanta video marketing strategy (or abroad) for your business.  You certainly have made one smart decision…time to make another smart decision…what Atlanta video production company do you choose to produce your video content?  There are so many different factors… Read More

It seems that every day video is becoming an even stronger and (in a Google way of saying it) a more “relevant” marketing tool.  In fact its so strong that, I’m hearing more and more from my clients, business owners and marketers how they are realizing that they MUST implement video… Read More

The DIY Video Pitfall

By danny

These are certainly tough economic times that we live in right now.  Many businesses from the Fortune 500 giants to very small businesses are forced to cut down budgets.  Every cost is scrutinized – supply chain, fixed and variable overhead,  MARKETING, etc.  Businesses do what they have to.  In order… Read More