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April 2011 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Congratulations if you’ve decided that you NEED a video and/or a video marketing strategy in Atlanta (or abroad) for your business. You certainly have made one smart decision…time to make another smart decision…what Atlanta video production company do you choose to produce your video content? There are so many different factors… Read More

It seems that every day video is becoming an even stronger and (in a Google way of saying it) a more “relevant” marketing tool.  In fact its so strong that, I’m hearing more and more from my clients, business owners and marketers how they are realizing that they MUST implement video… Read More

The DIY Video Pitfall

By danny

These are certainly tough economic times that we live in right now.  Many businesses from the Fortune 500 giants to very small businesses are forced to cut down budgets.  Every cost is scrutinized – supply chain, fixed and variable overhead,  MARKETING, etc.  Businesses do what they have to.  In order… Read More

For the last several months we have been working on a new website to cater a little better to the atlanta video production market (and the national video production market). I feel like we do this every year, however this time I am more than confident that this one is here… Read More