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April 2013 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Having a Ball with the NCAA Final Four

By Cathy

As a video production company, we were thrilled that our action-packed city had some extra excitement this past spring.  The NCAA decided to stage all three divisions of the men’s basketball finals on the same weekend and all in Atlanta.  This unprecedented move was taken to celebrate the 75th anniversary of NCAA men’s basketball… Read More

Covenant Eyes is a company that provides internet filtering and accountability software.   Their slogan is that parents are not raising kids, they are raising adults.   We felt so strongly about partnering with Covenant Eyes on this Atlanta video production that we flew up to Detroit to do a presentation at their… Read More

As a professional company specializing in Atlanta video production, we are very interested in the effectiveness of  professionally produced videos for product sales, in comparison to amateur or user generated videos.  Those of you who are making effective home-grown videos might find the following information of interest as well.  We came across some interesting results… Read More

The Human Brain Hard-Wired for Video

By Cathy

At Optimum Productions, we know that video is a powerful medium, and marketing studies from 2012 show that we weren’t the only ones to conclude that video is essential for marketing effectiveness. Online video was the fastest growing ad format in 2012 with nearly 55% growth.  (eMarketer, January 2012).  With online… Read More

When you think online video, you probably think Youtube…but every company that creates video content for the web should be aware of the pros and cons of “posting” vs. “hosting” their video. In other words, posting your video on a popular video sharing site (such as YouTube) differs from using a privately-hosted service. Optimum… Read More