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September 2013 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Many of our clients come to us with a rough idea of what they want their company film to represent, but they have not considered the script or the way the video will play out. We are always more than happy to help these clients to create their dream script (and… Read More

A professional video production is a great way to engage new clients on the internet.  But the worldwide web is a big place.  If you want to boost the marketing power of your internet video, here are three easy ways to provide “clues” so that those search engines can find it. First, create an interesting title… Read More

With the economy picking up slowly but surely, more companies are hiring once again. It is important to orient these new employees properly so that the beginning of their employment with your company will be an auspicious one. In a big corporation, a human resources staff member usually takes care… Read More

Some business owners mistakenly think that a merely functional website is all they need to get the job done.  But when the task at hand is to increase profit and attract new clients, your online image needs to be top-notch.  This is a new age when consumers judge you in a matter of seconds based on… Read More

Use Video to Grow Your Business

By danny

In a difficult economic climate, growing your business may require taking more creative measures. Consider using videos as part of your marketing efforts to reach a vast segment of the population for whom watching videos is almost synonymous to breathing. Having a video about your company or the products and… Read More

Introduction to YouTube Video Ads

By Cathy

As experts in film production and editing, we know the power of video to reach consumers.  One way to do this is through video ads placed on YouTube.  Anyone who has been on YouTube has seen those 15- or 30-second video ads that play right before the video you selected. Ever wonder how those ads work?  And whether producing… Read More