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This is Part 2 of 2:  How To Ignite Your Video Content Marketing Strategy in 2014  In Part 1, we talked about the power of online video and the most important questions to consider when putting together a video content marketing strategy. Now let’s think about the various categories of… Read More

Facebook has begun aggressively rolling out its new auto-play video ads to its more than one billion customers across the globe. The new video format allows ads to automatically play in a user’s newsfeed—but without sound, to the delight of customers and the chagrin of marketers. This is only the… Read More

By now you have no doubt heard the buzz that “Content Marketing” will be essential to marketing every product or service in the coming year… but did you know that VIDEO is the most engaging, most effective, and most sought-after tool in your online content toolbox?  A recent Content Marketing Institute… Read More

Optimum Productions is already off and running with some cool new client productions this month, and we are primed for a plethora of exciting video projects throughout 2014! We are planning many exciting changes in the coming months, so here is a quick preview of what’s ahead for OP and… Read More

Google has built an empire out of adding ads to its products. Since its inception, the internet superstar has taken steps to carefully target ads to its consumers based on the content of their searches and, later on, their E-mail and their videos. Our Atlanta business video experts know that… Read More

Happy 2014!

By danny

    Hello and happy 2014 everyone! I hope that the 2013 you all had was a great year and you’re really looking forward to an even bigger and brighter 2014. So we’ve got a lot of changes coming up in 2014 that we want share with you. And the… Read More