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September 2014 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Atlanta film production is a 21st-century marketing tool that no business owner should be without. With the ability to instantly reach and connect with your customers at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, on-boarding your brand with a web video presence is a no-brainer! Like all forms of… Read More

The World of Vine

By julie

What can you accomplish in six seconds? If you live in a New York City studio apartment, you can probably walk the length of your unit in that time. Or, you can brush your hair, as long as it’s tangle-free to begin with and not too long. Truth be told,… Read More

Using YouTube to Advertise Your Video

By julie

As a video-sharing platform, YouTube has no equal. As a worldwide digital phenomenon, it is virtually unprecedented in modern history. Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube in 61 languages and from as many different countries. There is no existing cable network that has its reach and… Read More

Why Outsource Video Production?

By julie

Maintaining a dynamic online presence can be vital to your company’s continued growth and success. Videos are a great way to engage your visitor and strengthen your brand. As a successful Atlanta corporate video production company, we know the various elements that are needed to make a successful video. Before you decide… Read More

There are several ways to present ideas and information in a corporate video. In our experience as a successful Atlanta film production company, matching the purpose of the video as closely as possible with the manner of presentation yields the best results. In deciding between using a professional voice-over talent or a… Read More