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Hopefully by now you’re making active use of video marketing in your overall brand-building scheme. Video is one of the most valuable tools at the disposal of any business in today’s market, and it is easier than ever to produce professional-looking and engaging visual media. However, you may not be… Read More

Failing to Plan Is… Well, You Know.

By Rica

    Have you ever had a project that you had plenty of time to complete, so you just put it off for a while? I vividly remember my 4th grade science fair project, which I only remembered to do the night before. I broke out into a feverish cold… Read More

YouTube is one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of the content marketing professional. By posting well-crafted, professional videos to this site you not only can increase your search engine rankings, but get your message out to thousands (even millions) of viewers who consume video content on this… Read More

You’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort on your marketing video. You’re likely quite proud of it and are getting the most out of the production, sharing it everywhere you can. But what about when the initial media blast is done? You don’t want to just let it… Read More

    There’s a lot of jokes about how creatives have it easy, supposedly spending all day at home in their pajamas because they’re “just creating art.” I wish. There’s actually more hard work involved in videos — especially video marketing — than that. Our work makes people go and… Read More

Two Ways to Blow Your Video Budget

By Rica

    No one likes wasting money. I hate it! Plenty of people find ways to waste their money every single day. Why do they do that? It actually gives me a big pain right in the… er, heart. Well, if you happen to be one of those people looking… Read More

Video is one of the absolute best methods for getting your branded messages out into the public in a way that resonates. Strategic messages delivered through video have an impact that could never be matched by having text or static visual elements alone. Give yourself the full range of tools… Read More

Video content is emerging as one of the most engaging and effective ways to connect with your audience. For brands, individuals and organizations that rely upon their blog to stimulate traffic and increase awareness, adding video can be one of the best strategies you could ever employ for improving your… Read More

Aiming for Success With Your Videos

By Rica

    I don’t know if you have anyone in your family who likes to go hunting as a hobby – whether it’s with a rifle, a bow, or some other epic piece of hardware. You may even have the tradition of going out and shooting your own Thanksgiving turkey!… Read More

5 Reasons Videos Increase ROI

By danny

Video content marketing has been surging in popularity these past few years, and there is little mystery why. Marketers and brands see fast, measurable results when they implement video content in lieu of other marketing materials. The building phenomenon of audiences’ hunger for video is only expected to swell even… Read More