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April 2015 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

With mobile devices, high speed data connections and widely available broadband internet connections, videos have ceased to be used only for certain types of mediums. Now, they’re used for everything, from expressing your opinion to sharing a memorable event with everyone. Videos have also become extremely effective marketing tools. They… Read More

    We can help create targeted video content for your online channels! While the April rain showers may bring flowers, it has bought OP lots of new ideas and fresh energy! One of our new favorites is our freshly-minted “video content marketing machine.” What is content marketing anyway, and… Read More

Looking to spice up your company’s marketing videos with comedy? Humor can be a powerful tool for keeping customers’ attention and encouraging them to remember your company, but only if used appropriately. Only include humor that is relevant to your topic and sensitive to your viewers. Strength in Sensitivity When using… Read More

Savvy marketing professionals know the value of a good story. Explaining products, processes and weaving a valid reason a person should invest in them is a big reason marketing is on the payroll. Good story-telling can make the difference between a successful company and one that struggles or fails. No… Read More

    Are you wondering how to use a Thought Leadership series to its fullest potential? Watch our video for a quick guide with some best practices. For more tips, tricks, and techniques about how to get the most out of your videos, sign up for our Optimum Guide to… Read More

  It can be tough to compete in a sea of “same”. How do you stand out from the herd? Luckily, we have a few key steps… #1 – Do It Better Okay yeah, it’s a little vague. Discover the weaknesses in the industry as a whole, and exploit them… Read More

    Check out Matt Fradd’s take on the Optimum Productions experience. Matt Fradd of Covenant Eyes shares how his company went about creating their “Thought Leadership” web content campaign, and the amazing success they have seen since initiating the Thought Leadership format. For more tips, tricks, and techniques about… Read More

  One of the most exciting features in our Thought Leadership package is our analytics. We believe that videos need to be actionable – and I don’t just mean building in calls to action in the videos, which are crucially important – but having the right information to act on… Read More

Imagine a salesman before a big meeting with a new client. He carefully polishes his presentation, anticipates questions, and prepares his visual aids. He wants every aspect of his presentation to be smooth, flawless, seamless. In only a few moments, he will create a lasting impression that will influence every… Read More

Every good content marketer knows that a diverse portfolio of content that includes text, images and videos about a range of relevant topics, such as how-to videos, promotional images and more, is key to improving a company’s engagement and authority. Product demo videos are an increasingly popular way for brands to… Read More