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July 2015 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

However successful your firm, if you can’t adapt to generational changes, you won’t stay in business much longer. To earn the respect and revenues of thousands of millennials, your marketing strategies must include: Social Justice Millennials have shown a commitment to stopping discrimination against people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual… Read More

Good video marketing isn’t just about saying the right thing; it’s also about knowing what not to say. Poorly thought-out videos can distract potential customers, alienate the general public and reinforce harmful stereotypes. Never make a video that contains: Distractions In making videos that are entertaining and artistic, corporate videos… Read More

    Ahhh, isn’t Summer great? Okay, July may be a tad hot, but this is the time of year we get to enjoy the lush green trees and plants all around us, and the bright blue skies… Think about how dull and dreary everything looks in the winter! Watch… Read More

Client Spotlight: IAMC

By danny

    The Industrial Asset Management Council, known as the IAMC, is the leading association of industrial asset management and corporate real estate executives, suppliers, service providers, and economic developers and at each event they share best practices, businesses strategies, and educational programs from around the world. In Spring 2015,… Read More

The best way to start making corporate videos is to study other videos that work. The following five clips show corporate marketing at its best: Intro to ZenCash This video provides a fast-paced explanation of the invoice filing startup ZenCash. Quick videos are often confusing, but the company mitigates that… Read More

    Last week we talked about why you need video testimonials. In this video we are going to talk about four ways to get more use out of your testimonial videos. Consider this scenario – you have a great client who thinks you are the greatest thing since the… Read More

The only thing better than an enjoyable corporate event is a well-made video of that event. The benefits of event highlight videos include: Enticing Employees Low turnover is crucial to success in any industry, and one of the best ways to encourage employees to stay for the long haul is… Read More

When promoting any product, first impressions of potential customers are always critical. Our Atlanta video production company believes the best way to effectively garner attention for your products is by talking directly to your customers. So, what is the best way to talk directly to your target audience? With video,… Read More