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August 2015 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

    X-CEL is an industry leading manufacturer of specialty soft and and custom gas permeable contact lenses. More than just a custom contact lens manufacturer, X-CEL partners with eye care practitioners to deliver solutions that help solve the most complicated patient’s visual needs. X-CEL asked Optimum Productions for an… Read More

The Doggie Pill

By danny

    Any Delta flyers out there? I love flying, and I love flying Delta. If you’ve been on any Delta flights in the last year or two you may have noticed the renovated safety videos. You know that safety demonstration that they give at the beginning of every flight…. Read More

  As summer comes to a close, you may be looking at fourth quarter on your business calendar and thinking, “I really need to do something with my marketing program that makes a big impact, before another year is over. But what can I do to stand out, without wasting… Read More

For many of us, speaking on-camera can be a challenging experience. For others, the process is natural and effortless. If you truly want to connect and engage with your audience, follow these five simple tips when preparing to appear on camera for your business video: 1. Make eye contact. Whether… Read More

As marketers embrace social media, videos are rapidly becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising. A good corporate video can explain complex concepts in an accessible format, attract public interest in a seemingly dry product, and put a human face on a faceless corporation. To get the most… Read More

Video is the the leading digital marketing tactic today, currently enjoying the most desired and most effective of all tactics available to corporations and businesses. To get the maximum effectiveness of your video marketing campaigns, be sure to pay attention to these specific assessments: Engagement Estimates Viewer engagement metrics tell… Read More

Animation and motion graphics provide a wide range of video production choices. The opportunity is to utilize digital animation and motion graphics in a way that enhances the story you want to tell: Optimal Overviews Animation works for short videos giving an overview of what your company does. Animation allows… Read More

Dynamic video content is essential in today’s digital marketing environment. It is by far the most engaging and compelling online marketing tactic you can utilize to expand your reach and position yourself as an expert in your field – but what can you talk about? You actually may have relevant… Read More