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October 2015 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Cramming Shoot Days

By danny

    Have you ever had the experience of going on a family vacation, and you’re just packed to the gills with stuff? Maybe you were a kid… or maybe it was just this past summer. Everyone is super-excited to get on the road, and you go to pack your… Read More

Client Spotlight: Anixter

By Rica

    When Anixter International Inc. acquired the Power Solutions division of HD Supply (one of the largest industrial distributors in North America), it enhanced their competitive position in the electrical wire and cable business, as well as strengthening their promise of value to customers and suppliers. Focusing on the… Read More

First thing in the morning, you receive an Email from your friend titled “Great Play You Missed Last Night!” Do you read your friend’s pithy description of what happened or do you click the video link he included? Of course, you want to see what actually happened. That’s the reality… Read More

One Video to Rule Them All

By danny

    One big problem… We see it all the time when it comes to messaging.  A client wants to produce ONE video about who they are – to be used on their website, sales presentations, social media, blogs, etc.  There is this instinctual feeling that every single thing a… Read More

When you add video marketing into your company’s repertoire for acquiring new customers, you give your company a sort of super power. More and more customers and clients are plugged in online and prefer watching videos to learn more and find new information. The benefits and low costs of creating… Read More

    I’m going to be honest with you this week (because normally I’m lying) – anytime ANY corporate video production company hears that their corporate client has all this footage shot on iPhones, a little bit of us dies inside. No offense. It’s just that our inner creative really… Read More

Have you heard the term “video marketing” being thrown around lately? Many of today’s companies are learning that the way to get customer’s attention is through digital marketing, and video marketing is simply the creative use of video to promote a product, service or brand. A well-designed marketing campaign always… Read More

Corporate videos may have once been considered a joke: bad actors, cheesy lines and melodramatic scenes distracted people from the real message at the heart of each segment. Today, corporate videos are essential – They serve as a smart way to engage people in the many things they’ll need to… Read More