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January 2016 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Humor In Your Videos

By Rica

    Pop Quiz! Name the first three commercials that jump into your head! Let me guess – at least one of them was was funny. Did you notice that? Humor sticks with people. The problem is, humor can be extremely hard to convey. Here are three thoughts to help… Read More

It’s no secret that more and more consumers are turning to the Internet to shop, even when it’s for something as big as their future home. Long gone are the days of driving through neighborhoods and plucking informational brochures from “for sale” signs of vacant homes. Now this is all… Read More

Videos In Your Emails

By Rica

    Your audience wants things simple – and so do you. Bringing video in your emails can help give all your customers an equal experience, no matter how much technology keeps changing.  In fact there are reports indicating that including video in your email campaigns can increase your conversions… Read More

Training is a necessary evil when it comes to your bottom line. You can’t afford to have employees who aren’t thoroughly educated and knowledgeable about their jobs, but the costs of setting up and sending your staff to seminars and training days, in terms of both productivity and direct expenditures,… Read More

Seven Deadly (Video) Sins

By Rica

    Sometimes when it comes to making videos, there’s no single strategy that’s the end-all and be-all. But just because there are plenty of things you can do… doesn’t mean they’re all things you should do. Before you make a beeline to the cheapest, easiest or fastest way to… Read More

Video marketing is paving entirely-new paths within the online and digital marketing worlds. Audiences who have turned off or turned away from tactics like display are being brought back in by the powerful draw of digital video. Brands are harnessing this capability in order to deliver more impactful marketing campaigns…. Read More

Adiós, 2015!

By Rica

    If you’ve ever had a full-time job before, you’ve probably seen some people in your office get a little crazy once in a while. And if you’ve ever tried to make a video on your own, then you also know videos can’t get made without some ridiculous mistakes,… Read More

Click-rate optimization (CRO) is an all-important strategy for increasing conversions from the people who visit your site. With each extra conversion — such as a customer giving you their email, viewing your product page or actually making a purchase — your company stands a better chance at making more revenue…. Read More