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March 2016 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Our brains are instinctually driven to observe motion. It’s the reason we can pass by the same window in our house 100 times and only happen to glance out when we see someone walking by. It’s the same reason we are able to see fluid motion in animation from a… Read More

In order to successfully use videos as marketing tools, businesses should strive to master and include five essential types of videos on their website – videos that convey the company mission and product to their target audience. Company Identity Video The very first thing people see on your site should… Read More

How Videos Aid SEO

By danny

The value of video is enormous when it comes to boosting your organic search results, and can contribute greatly to your marketing strategy. Let us count the ways… Videos Generate More Viewers. Because they are so easy to share on social media, videos are great for creating web traffic. Videos… Read More

Not getting the traffic you think your site deserves? It could be more to do with your content and its organization than you think. Use this checklist to guard against some of the biggest mistakes companies make with websites. No videos in prominent spots You have a unique product, a… Read More

Whether you have created a social media hub of all of your content outlets, or are aiming to dedicate yourself to just a few sites that cater to your demographic, selecting the right fit for your business and the perfect content for each site can optimize the time you spend… Read More