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August 2016 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Although we promised our mothers very sincerely that we wouldn’t, we still have a bad habit of judging books by their covers. Can you blame us? Sifting through options like books on a shelf can make them all start to more or less blend together. It is the window dressing… Read More

Drive Your Sales With Video Analytics

By Rica

    59% of marketers plan to measure video effectiveness and ROI with analytics. – Storyboard Media Group 2016 How will you know whether your video is successful or not? Setting a baseline and choosing the right criteria is essential in order to make an accurate assessment. Watch to find… Read More

Personalization through use of first and third-party data has driven a whole new era in digital advertising. 71 percent of consumers prefer personalized advertising since it is more relevant to their interests. Eighty percent of consumers stated that they wouldn’t mind sharing personal data if it meant they saw fewer… Read More

Nothing tugs at people’s emotions quite like a video, through which even the simplest stories can take flight. What makes video today even more appealing is its use in marketing. Put simply, video marketing is becoming more and more popular precisely because of its visual nature; and by adding an… Read More

     The personalized video campaign saw its click-through rate increase by a factor of ten. – Business Wire 2016 Did you know that there are some great new video technologies that can help you achieve very specific marketing goals? These specialized tools can be integrated into your campaign with… Read More

Mobile video is exploding right now. Just on Facebook, people consume an average of eight billion videos per day. Mobile users just cannot resist the allure of whipping out their phone and passing a few minutes by watching some video. Taking notice of this trend, brands are converting more and… Read More

The use of video marketing today is one of the most effective ways to advertise a given product or service, and the appeal makes sense. Nothing strikes at the heart of people quite like moving images. By therefore combining the drawing power of video with simple and efficient storytelling, you… Read More