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October 2016 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

You know that, as a marketer, your biggest goal is to attract (and retain) customers. You may even know that videos can help draw people in. But did you know that showing the same video to everybody isn’t the best way to create sales? Your customers all have different histories… Read More

Hunting Down Customer Engagement

By Rica

No matter the company you work for, your marketing department will always have the same end goal: engaging customers. Vague as it may sound at first, getting people interested in your company and earning their trust is a major milestone on the road to more sales… but how exactly do… Read More

By this point, our blogs probably have you quoting statistics about video marketing in your sleep. Study after study keeps showing how videos can increase webpage traffic; how one in four consumers will lose interest outright if a business does not have video content; or how even 59% company executives… Read More

How Big to Make Your Video Budget

By Rica

Believe it or not, we actually love it when people ask us for a quote on their video project. It’s such a magical moment! We get to hear their ideas and their plans and then we get to try and help make that dream a reality; and it could be… Read More