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December 2016 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Behind That Personalized Christmas Video

By Rica

  There are few moments quite as magical as when the holiday decorations come out of storage and you prepare to slather your home in electric lights and tinsel. For many people, the ritual is reserved for at least the day after Thanksgiving, and normally our team here at Optimum… Read More

Closed Caption Fails (And Why They Matter)

By Rica

Warning: contains examples of poor captions with foul language.   SEO is an elusive and occasionally-vague target to aim for, as almost anyone in the digital marketing industry can attest. It requires constant monitoring, adaptation, and also a perpetual stream of new content among other tasks. But there is one… Read More

The Impact of Penguin 4.0

By Rica

In the short span of thirty years, the term “search engine optimization” has gone from being nonexistent to being one of the most vital lifebloods of any corporation’s marketing strategies. Even newcomers to the world of digital outreach are still aware of their need for online SEO, even if they… Read More

As digital marketing becomes more and more par for the course in today’s interconnected world, strategies to reach audiences have to continually expand. Just take social media as an example; having a website isn’t nearly enough anymore. As your client demographics diversify, your marketing strategies may have to stretch between… Read More