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Have you ever met an entrepreneur that had a tendency to bite off more than they could chew? It’s not always a bad thing. That tendency is also what gives them the chutzpah to start their own business in the first place. But even so, as a small business, when… Read More

IndustrialSage: Fourth Quarter Review 2017

By Rica

  Well, December is here and the holiday break is about to kick in – and that means a review of the fourth quarter is in order! In our eleventh episode, we talked with Jordan Quackenbush of Optimum Productions about how a high-quality message is key to reaching your prospects,… Read More

Education As A New Means of Marketing

By Rica

  This week we’re joined by Bryan Gee, Director of Education and Training at the Tensar International Corporation. His is a new role there, and it was added – as we found out – for a good reason. 1. WHY TENSAR ADDED A DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION For years, Tensar has… Read More

When it comes to webinars, most people assume that the medium is, by its nature, a live broadcast. When you host a webinar versus providing a particular video on-demand, it gives the audience a sense of urgency. When they hear, “Here’s the date and time; you don’t want to miss… Read More

Training as a Value-Add for Distributors

By Rica

  This week we’re joined by Tyson Ferraro: Marketing Director of Control Solutions, Inc: a specialty chemical company in Houston, Texas. And as it turns out, their outreach methods have to be even more particular than standard B2B marketing. Since CSI is selling to distributors instead of to end users,… Read More

How to Fake a Live Webinar

By Rica

When it comes to creating content that can answer customer questions, a lot of companies prefer to record a video that can be accessed on-demand, any time… but webinars, with their actual time slot on the calendar, give people a sense of urgency and importance about what you have to… Read More

How to Use Your Data

By Rica

  This week we’re joined by Barbara van der Walt of Eagle Technology Inc. The company specializes mainly in computerized maintenance management systems for assets, inventory tracking, manufacturing inspections, and much more. Want to learn more about Barbara? Follow her on Twitter or shoot her an email at! In… Read More

  The Optimum studio recently had some familiar guests come to call – though not to film in the life-sized elevator set that we constructed for them. Stephen Timme, Becca Sundal, and Melody Astley of FinListics Solutions all paid a visit to let us know how their corporate identity portfolio… Read More

  This week we’re joined by James Azar: Co-Founder and Chairman of CyberHub Summit, which is hosting a summit on cybersecurity awareness in Atlanta, GA on November 8th and 9th at the Omni Hotel. The summit is going to be a great event for all companies, regardless of industry; and… Read More

  This week we’re joined by Malika Waller: Digital Marketing Manager of Landis+Gyr. The company focuses on energy measurement solutions for utilities, and especially on “enabling the smart grid of the future.” 1. EDUCATE YOURSELF When Malika first came onboard at Landis+Gyr two years ago, the marketing was very siloed… Read More