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February 2017 | Optimum Productions Archive - Optimum Productions

Video Establishes Your Expertise

By Rica

Isn’t it amazing how you can learn just about anything through video? At some point or another we’ve all looked up a YouTube tutorial for things like how to replace a garbage disposal, or a bad habit; how to build a business, or build a plane. It’s all out there,… Read More

“YouTube, or not YouTube. That is the question.” – William Shakespeare Okay, so Shakespeare said absolutely nothing about YouTube. Or videos at all. Ever. (I’ll escort myself to the corner now.) But sometimes we tend to run into clients with that same question. Obviously YouTube is worth investing in. But… Read More

If your job holds you accountable for promotional emails, then the phrase “Email Campaign,” can evoke some powerful emotions… in you and in your prospects. People who receive your emails might feel curiosity… or they might feel aggravation. And you, the person in charge of the campaigns, could feel pride…… Read More

  “Can’t we just post our video to Youtube and get the view count stuff for free?” We hear this question quite a bit. After all, it’s hard to work in the world of video without having Youtube mentioned. It’s the channel that everybody knows. And it’s not by any… Read More