Atlanta film production is a 21st-century marketing tool that no business owner should be without. With the ability to instantly reach and connect with your customers at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, on-boarding your brand with a web video presence is a no-brainer! Like all forms of marketing, there are guidelines to help make video footage work to your best advantage.

People have short attention spans, especially when it comes to watching stuff on the World Wide Web, so certain types of videos fare better than others. The “window of opportunity” is small, but with some help, you can maximize the viewer’s engagement and interest in your brand!  Let’s take a look at the top video categories in terms of response rate and growth potential.

Atlanta Videos Every Company Should Use

Customer testimonials are an extremely powerful weapon in your brand’s arsenal and can easily mean the difference between a subtle response rate and having your email inbox blow up. Why? Take it from the point of a view of a client. When he or she sees a fellow buyer of a product or service raving about how good your company is and how they were treated with the utmost respect and courtesy, they have a positive feeling toward your company. A word of advice: Never use actors or stage a testimonial. People can see right through this, and your Atlanta video could backfire. Keep the content length under one minute for maximum effect.

Success stories are just as popular, and for good reason. One-on-one interviews with a series of past and present clients automatically makes a brand appear more transparent and trustworthy. Video case studies take the success story theme to another level. These clips are generally a bit longer, about two to five minutes.

Lastly, thought leadership videos that educate your prospects and customers using your experience, talent and insights on relevant topics in your industry. If you remember to customize your video to your customers and helping to solve their biggest challenges, you’ll be on-target and well on your way to creating a meaningful online foundation.