With mobile devices, high speed data connections and widely available broadband internet connections, videos have ceased to be used only for certain types of mediums. Now, they’re used for everything, from expressing your opinion to sharing a memorable event with everyone.

Videos have also become extremely effective marketing tools. They allow businesses and organizations to express information, make a sales pitch or spread an idea easier than ever. They’re so effective that countless videos are being created by businesses every day with the purpose of increasing exposure to their brand and attracting new customers.

However, this creates a serious problem for any business looking to use videos to market themselves. How do you come up with a great video that stands out in your industry? You don’t want a video that will be forgotten – you want one that will be shared.

Brainstorming Videos Ideas for Your Business

Every vertical has different types of videos that will do well within it. Some will make use of high octane, thrill seeker content. Others will benefit from informative, white board speeches. What works for you? Below are a few ways that you can brainstorm video ideas for your business. Once you’ve found a few, an Atlanta video production company will work with you to develop your ideas.

  • Look at what works. Examine other videos within your industry that are doing well. What videos are being spread that are showing demonstrable results? It’s important not to simply copy an idea, that doesn’t usually work well, but looking for common themes is popular videos will be effective. Do people in your vertical enjoy convention-style lecture videos? Perhaps they like in depth product demonstrations? See what works, and see how that can inspire you.
  • What are your business goals? A great video doesn’t just receive a high amount of views, likes and shares. It accomplishes something for your business. What are the specific goals that your business is focused on right now? How can a video help you reach those goals? This will take some consideration and research, but it’s worth it. If your business is focused on sales, a video that prompts viewers to buy is ideal. If you’re looking to generate leads, simply spreading brand awareness may be enough.
  • What current content performs well? You likely already have an online presence with written content, such as a blog or series of articles. Are any of them performing exceptionally well? Chances are, they can be adapted into a video that will reach a wider audience.

Once you’ve landed on a few ideas that your business would like to pursue, contact the right Atlanta video production company to help create them.

Image Source: Pixabay