More and more companies, large and small, are looking to video production services to communicate both internally and externally. The use of video is certainly not a new concept, although the increased versatility is making it a stronger choice for many business owners and CEOs. New technology, including more compact equipment, makes corporate video production a more reasonable choice for a wider range of businesses.

Promotional Videos Online

The marketing powers of the internet are endless. Smart business owners have or are beginning to look into video production services to connect with customers online. Many internet users prefer to watch a short video to learn about a company or their products and services rather than hunt for the answer they are looking for in subpages. Videos are also a great way to demonstrate new products or introduce new employees to a large number of people online.

Training and Professional Development

Training of new employees and the professional development of current staff is one of the single most important aspects of a business. Human resources are often the largest expense that a business will incur, and one that is responsible for the smooth day to day operation of the business. Corporate training videos are an excellent tool for keeping employees involved in the training process. Training manuals are often dry reading and can be glossed over by even the most interested readers. Training videos activate a different kind of engagement that is more likely to hold the focus of an employee and convey the message more effectively by using visual and audio instructions.

Viral Videos

Few outlets have more immediate marketing power than viral videos. With the advent of YouTube and social media sites like Facebook that allow videos to be shared, a viral video could potentially reach millions of viewers in a single day or as little as a few minutes. Even when comparing that to a billboard in a high traffic area, the volume of exposure cannot even come close. The key to viral videos is to locate a video production company that is experienced in what it takes not only to create a professional video but also to make a video go viral.

While the cost of video production may be prohibitive for some of the smallest companies, many businesses are learning that the expense is not as large as imagined and the results are well worth the investment.