Imagine a salesman before a big meeting with a new client. He carefully polishes his presentation, anticipates questions, and prepares his visual aids. He wants every aspect of his presentation to be smooth, flawless, seamless. In only a few moments, he will create a lasting impression that will influence every interaction with this potential client going forward.

Think of your company’s video marketing campaign as your online salesman. Professionally produced content from Optimum Productions, a premier Atlanta video marketing company, can engage customers from the first moment of contact and work to solidify your company’s message.

Solidify Your Company’s Message

Most potential customers will conduct Internet research before ever contacting a salesman. When a new customer conducts an Internet search of your company or products, what do they find? Presumably they would find their way to your website, where if you are lucky, you can hope they will spend more than fifteen seconds reading, rather than simply scanning your well-crafted material, before they are on to other sites, online reviews, and articles. So much of what a customer might find online about your brand is out of your control. With the right script and production, your corporate video works to solidify your company’s message and reinforce the image you want to project.

The Attention Web: Engaging Customers Online

Online marketing is less about page views and clicks these days than it is about grabbing a potential customer’s attention and encouraging them to interact with the material on the page. One of the best ways to engage a visitor’s attention is by anticipating their questions and using your video to provide answers. Who are you? What makes your company special, unique, and better than the rest? A well-produced video will not only answer their questions but give your customers the “inside look.” Consider this video to be your customer’s first visit to your business, long before they physically set a foot through your door.

Online video marketing also provides a multi-modal method of learning and engagement. Not all of the folks who visit your page learn well from the written text. Some need audio, others need visual, and still others need movement. An engaging video will simultaneously reach all learning styles ensuring that your message creates a lasting impression.

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Trust your video marketing Atlanta needs to the professionals at Optimum Products. We specialize in producing high-quality video marketing materials that will engage and inform your audience, turning mere visitors into long-term clients.

Image Source: Pixabay