Today I want to talk about a hidden goldmine opportunity for video content – Your next conference or event!  For anyone who has put on an event, you know the kind of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into pulling an event off.  It doesn’t matter whether its a small 50 person event or 5,000 – it’s a tremendous amount of work.  There is a goldmine of opportunity underneath it all – are you listening?

Number 1 – The People – who are these people at your event?  These are customers, internal staff, leads, sales managers, VPs, CEOS, mangers all under one roof for a limited amount of time.  How often does that happen?  Not very.  The opportunity exists in capturing a wide range of videos for several different purposes.  A great example – I know I talk about this a  lot – is the customer testimonial.

If you have an external event with tons of your customers all around you for one or two days, why not schedule a quick 15-30 minute on-camera interview for a testimonial in your very own on-site video studio? The beauty of this is that over the course of a day or two, you can easily capture several customer testimonials.  In the past we have had much success in producing 15-20 of these videos over two to three days.  This DRAMATICALLY reduces production costs because you don’t have to have a video crew travel to 15 or 20 different locations.  Even if they are local customers, this is still a major cost savings.

Customer testimonials are just one example – they could be sales solutions videos from your sales team talking about different products or services, panel discussions, staff bios, industry news updates, product demonstrations, etc.  This is the cost-effective King!Number 2 – There is a ton of content and events that are prepared ahead of time to present to your attendees from powerpoint presentations, trade show booths, product demonstrations, breakouts, meetings, panel discussions, networking events – so on and so forth.  Capturing this on video is an awesome opportunity to build a content library.

General sessions, and breakout presentations in particular, present great opportunities because many people spent a lot of time carefully crafting these presentations for a one-time delivery.  Why not capture it, and then re-purpose it?  This is great content to offer to your attendees after the event to keep them engaged once they are back home.  Use them for downloadable slideshare presentations on your website, or send the relevant presentations to interested prospects.  The idea here is that there is a tremendous amount of time and energy that goes into preparing all of this great content for a one-time display. Don’t let it all dissolve away into memories. Capture it and use it to drive even more business.So – in a nutshell, that is your “goldmine” opportunity.  Maximize your upcoming events and really get more squeal out of the pig by setting up an on-site video studio and capturing the presentations and other “golden” content during the BIG EVENT – the culmination of all your hard work over these last few sleepless months!

Danny Gonzales of Optimum Productions explains how events can yield a goldmine of video content.