We have enjoyed many years as a successful Atlanta video production company. In that time, we have developed a unique insight concerning the elements that are necessary for an effective corporate video. Below are four factors you should consider when you sit down with a professional video producer to create your company video.

Give Your Company a Human Face

A good story is hard to pass up. Visitors to your site will be drawn to your services and products as much by their quality as the stories behind them. Make sure the video company you engage understands this. It is in the all-too-human stories that lie beneath the public face of every company that you can connect with your customers in a lasting and meaningful way.

Engage the Emotions

As a seasoned producer of company videos, we know that touching your visitors on an emotional level can be tricky. When not handled well, this approach can quickly result in cheap sensationalism. However, when emotions are used not as a prop but as an integral part of the story, you have a video that touches people where it counts — at the heart. Make your audience laugh or cry, anger them or make them care — whatever emotion you choose to convey, keep it real. Your audience will see this and relate to you and your company in the same way.

Showcase Your Corporate Identity

It’s not a company video without your corporate identity featured in some way. You can take a subtle approach or a bold one. Put your company logo only at the very end or display it prominently throughout the video. No matter which approach you take, make sure to weave your corporate identity seamlessly into your video.

Feature Your Products or Services in the Real World

Show real customers using your products and services to lead more enjoyable and productive lives. Letting ordinary people extol the virtues of your products and services makes you come across as a company that understands and cares about its customers and is in touch with their needs.

When you’re ready to present your company to the world, choose a reliable video production company in Atlanta with the expertise, creativity and satisfied customers to back its claims. We have been providing professional video services in Atlanta for many years. We have the experience and the technical knowledge needed to create an effective company video for you. Producing corporate videos in Atlanta is our specialty. Let us capture your company’s essence and relay your key messages to your target audience.