Photography? I guess we do that too. OP had the opportunity to work again with Atlanta Media Services (AMS) as well as New York based Footsteps Group and Procter and Gamble in a 4-city tour of the My Black is Beautiful event. We traveled around to 3 of 4 cities going to Charlotte, Atlanta (this was a long trip) and Chicago. We were asked to not only shoot video but also stills. It’s a good thing we’ve been playing around with still cameras for the last year or so.

The My Black is Beautiful tour is a neat initiative of Procter and Gamble that promotes and “celebrates the diverse beauty of African-American women and encourages black women to define and promote [their] own beauty standard”. The event offered hair and makeup makeovers, massages, yoga, classes on various subjects, music, celebrity appearances and more all for the price of FREE. Not bad! It was a very fun and exciting. One of the neatest parts was getting to meet and hangout with Queen Latifah! She is very fun and is the same in person as you see her on camera. We’re friends now.