What can you accomplish in six seconds? If you live in a New York City studio apartment, you can probably walk the length of your unit in that time. Or, you can brush your hair, as long as it’s tangle-free to begin with and not too long. Truth be told, there are not that many things that you can do in such a brief amount of time.

But you have to hand it to a new breed of 20-something netizens who came up with a digital product that can be viewed, enjoyed and shared in less time than it takes to read this sentence.

The Perfect Product for the Digital Generation

Vine is a social network comprised of micro videos, each lasting no more than six seconds. It is owned by Twitter, itself the master of digital brevity and wit. Far-ranging and a virtual free-for-all in terms of topic and tone, these six-second productions are typically mundane, mostly hilarious and often entertaining. They are produced by ordinary people with a penchant for the absurd, one or two friends and video-shooting capabilities on their phones.

With the growing popularity of this site, virtual unknowns now have millions of dedicated online followers. Simply by producing and posting these six-second snippets of life, they have become celebrities in their own right with a loyal fan base that even a Hollywood A-lister will envy.

Why Videos Succeed

The reason behind Vine’s success and immense popularity can be partly attributed to the inherent uniqueness of the videos and their unexpected nature. They can also be viewed from practically any mobile device and obviously don’t require a significant investment of time. These are precisely the qualities that are highly valued by a digital generation who seem to always be on the move and who can’t wait for a three-minute egg to cook.

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