The Internet is an almost inexhaustible source of information that millions of people all over the world have access to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Despite this wealth of knowledge and information literally at their fingertips, a vast majority of consumers still base their decision to purchase a product or service on the word and recommendation of someone they know and trust. Website copy or an informative company brochure is no match for the real-world recommendation of a satisfied customer. Case studies are one of the most effective ways to utilize videos on a company website because they connect with visitors at an emotional level, and can more readily convert them to leads or new customers.

Stories Are Powerful and Persuasive

The real driving force behind effective case studies is the story behind them. These are people who had to deal with a real problem or difficulty and found a viable solution using your products and services.  When executed effectively, stories about overcoming business challenges are a great way to connect with your target audience on a core level, and can become one of the most persuasive tools in your online marketing arsenal.

Aim for Clarity and Real-World Solutions

In order to present your case study well, you need to choose clients who have challenges in common with your target market.  If you’re presenting more than one case study, select a variety of clients with a range of issues and challenges that are often faced by other potential customers.

You should follow a simple four-step process to give your case studies structure and clarity. Start with the problem your client faced, then move on to their experience working with your company, and how their challenges were overcome by using your products and services. End your case study with a strong recommendation from a satisfied customer.

Make Your Case Studies Available Online

Give your video case studies a prominent placement on your home page, and craft a headline that grabs their attention by stating clear benefits that your clients have experienced using your products and services.

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